Join the St John's family

Applications to join St John's can be made at the start of each academic year, or throughout the year if parents wish their child to transfer from another school.​

All applications are completed online, through the Cornwall School Admissions page. Please note, it can take up to 20 school days for School Admissions to process an application and confirm admission into the school.


The school's published admissions number (PAN) is 30 pupils per year group. If a year group is over subscribed, the criteria from the admissions policy will be followed.

St John's is not exclusively for Catholic children and welcomes all who wish to join the school. There is no expectation for a family to have a particular faith, or to have any faith at all. 

To request more information:

Contact the main office

Mon-Fri 8am - 3.30pm

01209 713944

You can also request more information with this form:

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