Our last inspection was in October 2021. This was a Section 8 inspection, where the school was judged to continue to be a good school. Our strengths:

- Pupils feel safe and happy at school and behave well in class and at break times.
- All pupils access a broad and exciting curriculum.
- Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the warm welcome given to their children each day.
- There is a safe, purposeful learning environment in which pupils and staff are highly valued.
- The Early Years areas have been transformed to offer excellent opportunities for children to develop.


Our last S48 inspection was in January 2018. Judgments and grades were made in the following areas:

- The School as a Catholic Community: Outstanding
- Leadership and Management: Good
- RE Leadership: Outstanding
- RE Achievement: Good
- Quality of Teaching: Good
- Worship and Spiritual Life of the School: Outstanding

Letters of congratulations

We are very proud of the progress the children make in their learning. This has been recognised by the Department for Education with a letter of congratulations.