Our intent
Our implementation

Every year group learns through a series of topics, designed to build on subject knowledge and skills year on year. Most subjects are taught through these topics, with age-appropriate schemes of work for PSHE and PE. Maths and phonics are taught discreetly from the topic learning, using objectives from the National Curriculum and the Letters and Sounds guidance respectively.

Living life to the full: each of us is willed; each of us is loved; each of us is necessary.

Pope Francis

Our curriculum is rooted in the belief that the child should be central to all we do. Every child is valued as an individual and is provided with the opportunities and experiences to flourish, from their own unique starting points.


The intent of our curriculum is to develop the whole child as an individual; an advocate of their school; a member of their Parish and community; a resident of the British Isles and a global citizen.


We make provision for developing the children's relationships, experiences, attitudes and cognition, underpinned by our Gospel Values.

Our impact

We want our children to gain in knowledge and skills across all areas of the curriculum and to be fully prepared for their next stage in education. The staff respond to children's learning outcomes every session, by continuously adapting their planning, their teaching and changing provision to meet their needs. In addition, children complete a variety of informal and formal assessment tasks, both at the end of each topic and each term. Teachers make a decision as to whether a child is making great progress and if they are working securely within the subject curriculum for their year group.