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Headteacher: Miss N Teixeira

SENDCo: Mrs F Lobban

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs N Armstrong

Reception Class Teacher: Mrs A Richards

Year 1 Class Teacher: Mrs L Keill

Year 2 Class Teacher: Mrs T Blount

Year 3 Class Teacher: Miss K Piotrowicz

Year 4 Class Teacher: Miss R Palmer

Year 5 Class Teacher: Mrs D Clifton-Griffith, Mrs N Armstrong

Year 6 Class Teacher: Mrs R Clarke, Mrs N Armstrong

Reception Teaching Assistant: Miss H Willson

Year 1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Oliver

Year 2 Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Ash, Mrs L Bartle

Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Dowling

Year 4 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Z Keast

Year 5 Teaching Assistants: Mrs C Kearney

Year 6 Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Venn, Mrs A Vigo

Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Miss K Oliver, Miss H Willson

Administrator: Mrs N Lavis

Premises Manager: Mr M Vigo

To contact any staff member or governor, please email

Chair of Governors: Mr F Sanderson (Governor for Health and Safety)

Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs S Trezise (Governor for Statutory Grants)

Foundation Governor: Fr J Kucharczyk (Governor for RE)

Foundation Governor: Mrs M Haynes (Governor for RE)

Parent Governor: Mrs R Biddle (Governor for SEND)

Community Governor: Mrs S Belshaw (Governor for Safeguarding and Whistleblowing)

Staff Governor: Mrs J Ash

Staff Governor: Mrs F Lobban

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