The heart of our school

The teachings of the Catholic Church underpin everything at St John's. There are daily opportunities for prayer and worship, where children learn the traditional prayers as well as being encouraged to develop their own prayer life. There are daily Acts of Worship; some planned more formally and many completely designed and led by the children. Father Cadoc is the Parish Priest and regularly visits the school for these events. He says Mass at 10am each Wednesday, which the classes take in turns to attend.

The school teaches RE through a scheme called God Matters, which follows the church's liturgical year. It is a series of topics to teach elements of the Catholic faith, as well as other main religions of the world: Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. 

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Gospel Values

There are 8 values, based on the Beatitudes in Matthew's Gospel. They are explored and practiced every day in school, in order for every child and adult to be the best person they can be, following the teachings of Jesus.

  • Humility - seeing life as a gift

  • Compassion - having empathy

  • Kindness - gentleness

  • Justice - working for a fairer world

  • Forgiveness - reconciling with self and others

  • Integrity - do what you say

  • Peace - committed to peace making and non-violence

  • Courage - standing up for the truth

Supporting charities

St John's is proud of its tradition in supporting charities, both locally and worldwide. The School Councillors decide with the staff the charity to support each year and a variety of events are held to raise money for them. St John's is particularly recognised for its support and contributions towards Fairtrade, CAFOD and Mary's Meals.

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